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I’m a portrait, family, and event photographer in Portland, Oregon who believes that everyone deserves the perfect September, all year long. I specialize in creative portraits, and I would love to take your photograph!Nick Macdonald


p: (971) 231 7839


Q. Will I have to pay extra to get my digital files?

A. No – of course not! I charge a flat session fee for shooting, editing, and processing. I do offer a canvas and print service, but all my clients get full resolution digital files that they can share or print without extra fees. You know exactly how much your photos will cost, there are no high-pressure sales presentations, and none of your photos will be held hostage to expensive print fees!

Q. I want you to photograph my family, but I have kids who are unruly and won’t do what they are told.

A. Don’t worry – I have kids like that too! I’m used to it, and we’ll make it work – don’t worry – it will be fun, and you and your kids will look great!

Q. I’m worried that I might not be completely tickled by your photos – can you reassure me in any way?

A. Absolutely! If for any reason you’re not completely happy I will re-shoot at your convenience until you are.