My photos in PDX Parent’s recess feature!

screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-7-50-51-pmIt may get a thumbs up from kids, but recess hasn’t always gotten its due from administrators. The time set aside for recess has been shrinking in many American schools as more emphasis is placed on testing and curricular goals.

Now the tide is starting to turn the other way — epitomized locally by last spring’s decision by Portland Public Schools to mandate at least 30 minutes of recess per day for all elementary school kids, starting this fall.

Very excited to have my photos in PDX Parent’s feature on recess in Portland schools! We shot two very different schools – the French American International School (FAIS) in SW Portland and Rigler Elementary School in NE Portland. The two schools are very different — one private, one public, one language-focused and one where a big chunk of the kids come from families where English is not the first language at home. Recess looks different at these schools, but it’s equally beloved in both

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